Philosophy Statement 2020

At Gumnut Bowral Memorial Preschool we acknowledge that the Early Learning years lay the foundation for all future learning.

          WE ARE

  • a community based, parent managed, not-for-profit service, offering a high level of education, care and support for children and their families.
  • part of the wider community and encourage relationships with community organisations, local council and schools.


  • in a play based approach and open-ended learning, which reflects the children’s interests and stage of development, providing them with new and challenging experiences and opportunities. 
  • in nurturing a positive self-esteem and confidence within each child to develop communication and social skills, promoting a child’s sense of agency
  • in developing practices for healthy, active lifestyles
  • in creating, for staff and families, an environment which is based around mutual respect, reflection, teamwork and professionalism.
  • in acknowledging the diversity of family structures, values, culture and child rearing practices and the children as individuals. We are committed to an inclusive approach and support each child to feel safe, secure, confident and included.
  • that sustainable natural environments help children to develop an awareness and respect for their world.


  • and acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the traditional custodians of our land and show awareness and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and this is reflected in our daily programme.
  • the importance of working in partnership with families and the community by encouraging and valuing their contributions and participation.
  • that learning is most effective when built upon prior experiences.
  • that equal importance should be given to both the indoor and outdoor learning environments.
  • the importance of the preschool experience as being an essential part of a    

          successful transition to school and beyond.


  • guide the children through their investigation and learning to work towards achieving the outcomes of the (EYLF) ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’ by providing a happy, safe and nurturing environment in which a variety of stimulating and valuable learning experiences can be enjoyed.

Our philosophy has been inspired by our beliefs, practices and guided by our knowledge of current research, The Early Childhood Association Code of Ethics, The 7 National Quality Standards and The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia – Belonging, Being and Becoming.

(QA7 2.1 A statement of philosophy is developed and guides all aspects of the services operations).