Gumnut is known for its team of experienced, dedicated and long-standing staff. This allows us to provide a stable environment and the opportunity to build strong relationships with our families and community.

Our staff to child ratio is three staff per class of 20 children, providing above-standard quality and allowing for a higher level of care and quality interactions. Each class group is led by a university-qualified Early Childhood Teacher and two Educators who hold Early Childhood Diploma Qualifications. To support children with high learning needs funding may be available to employ additional staff.

Our staff participate in professional development to enhance their skills and stay informed of current research, knowledge and practices in early childhood education. All staff hold a valid Working with Children Check and all staff working with the children hold current First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis and CPR qualifications.


Director, Nominated Supervisor, Early Childhood Teacher (1988)
Bachelor Of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Monday - Friday
Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working in Community based preschools where welcoming environments allow connections and relationships to flourish. As the Nominated Supervisor, I am immensely proud of leading a professional team who work together to constantly reflect on our practices and provide the best outcomes for our children and families.

When working with children I can’t go past the value of high-quality inclusive learning environments where play is the key to everything! I also have a passion for integrating music throughout the day as it supports both emotional and cognitive development. Over the years I have loved seeing our preschoolers grow into confident and capable teenagers and adults who return to Gumnut with their own children. My own four children have great memories and friendships from their time at Gumnut too.


Educational Leader and Early Childhood Teacher (2015)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Monday & Tuesday
I have been fortunate to hold the position of early childhood teacher at Gumnut preschool since 2015. I have a great interest in using quality children’s literature in creative ways and I am a strong advocate for promoting children’s rights within our service delivery, ensuring the children’s voices, thoughts and ideas are visible within our learning community. I enjoy setting up the learning environment in new and creative ways and working with a dynamic and professional team of early learning educators.


Early Childhood Teacher (2007)
Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)
Wednesday - Friday
I believe in providing children with the time, space and experiences that allow them to learn about themselves and their place in the world.

Sharing my love for high quality children’s literature, and incorporating these into my daily teaching practice, I hope to instil a lifelong love of learning with the children of Gumnut. Supporting each child’s individual learning journey and sharing it with their families is important to me, with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition to school.


Early Childhood Teacher (2010)
Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)
Wednesday - Friday
I have been teaching in the field for over 30 years in a variety of Early Childhood settings. I feel very honoured to take your child on their preschool journey and am always in awe of how amazing these little humans are. My joy as a teacher is to support children to truly feel comfortable and happy in their setting, building their confidence to explore their interests and learn about the world around them. To create a play-based learning program with my teaching team that meets the needs of each child is a challenge that I thrive on. To support children transitioning smoothly to their school settings is an absolute privilege. I feel very passionate about developing preschoolers’ foundations for lifelong learning.


Educator (1992)
Associate Diploma of Social Science (Child Studies)
Wednesday - Friday
I am a mother of three amazing sons, all of whom have delightful memories from their time at Gumnut.  As an early childhood educator, I aim to provide a welcoming, caring, safe and inclusive environment where children feel a sense of belonging and can play, explore, socialise and grow in confidence and independence. I enjoy providing a fun play-based program with lots of opportunities for physical activities to develop healthy bodies and minds. 


Educator (2004)
Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)
Monday - Friday
After working at Gumnut for close to 20 years, one of my favourite things about my job is the relationships we develop with families. I enjoy working together to ensure each child reaches their full potential, developing connections that can often last beyond the preschool years. 

I love working with a supportive, diverse and well- balanced team and one of my main passions is fostering resilience and independence through secure and trusting relationships. I also love taking the time to work with each individual child as they experience success in refining their skills and document their own learning. 


Educator (2012)
Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services)
Wednesday - Friday
Originally from Colombia in South America, I have been living in Australia for 21 years. I have two teenage boys and love spending mindful time outdoors with family and friends. I value the learning and emotional benefits of spending time in the natural world. I am also passionate about promoting healthy eating, and physical activity.   

In my work at Gumnut, I enjoy sharing these passions with the children giving them opportunities to learn and establish positive habits that can continue to adulthood. I also love to share my first language of Spanish with the children.


Educator (2013)
Diploma of Children’s Services
Monday & Tuesday
I love working as an early childhood educator and have always had a natural passion for encouraging and helping children to reach their full potential. I always strive to build strong and trusting relationships with children and families at Gumnut. I enjoy creating safe and positive learning environments for our children to play and develop each week, and I strongly believe that play in these environments promotes the holistic development of each child. For me Gumnut is such an enjoyable place to be. 


Educator (2024)
Bachelor of Education - The Early Years 
Monday & Tuesday
Since completing my Bachelor Degree in early childhood education in 2016 it has been my ambition to continually build on my knowledge and experience in supporting children and their families by assessing and delivering educational programs that celebrate each child’s individuality and learning needs. I am passionate, creative and nurturing. I am honoured to be a part of the Gumnut Preschool team and look forward to sharing my skills, knowledge and building caring relationships with all our families and children.


Educator (2021)
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Diploma of Textile Design
Diploma of Fine Art
Monday - Friday
Gumnut Preschool has a sense of community, collegiality and teamwork. As a recently qualified Educator, it is an opportunity to learn from, and be mentored by more experienced staff who bring a wealth of dedication and expertise to their roles. My career to date has included art and design roles which compliment my position as an Early Childhood Educator. I have taught children’s art lessons and am particularly interested in supporting and extending creativity and agency.

My personal and professional philosophy includes promoting and modelling kindness, resilience and resourcefulness. I encourage incidental learning and embrace teachable moments. The first five years of a child’s life are critically important: a time for peak learning and development. Being a part of this journey in each child’s life is a responsibility and privilege that I embrace.


Casual Educator
Associate Diploma of Social Science (Child Studies)
Monday - Friday
I have been involved with Gumnut preschool for the past 22 years as both a childcare educator and parent.

As a casual employee I am lucky to be able to work and support all the dedicated staff at Gumnut. It’s wonderful having such a flexible role where I am able to meet all the children who attend Gumnut preschool.


Educator (2024)
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday


Administration Officer (2002)
Diploma of Teaching
Monday - Wednesday
My role as the administration officer is to provide a range of administration support for our service, our staff and our families. I have been associated with the preschool firstly as a parent, and then as an employee three days a week over many years.

Through this long association, I have enjoyed being a part of the Gumnut community, both past and present.


Casual Administration Assistant
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of International Studies
Diploma of Government
Monday - Friday (as casual)
I have a long history with Gumnut having been a ‘Gumnut Kid’ with my two sisters and with my Mum working in the office for many years.  My three girls were also lucky enough to go to Gumnut and it still has the same friendly feeling when you walk in the door all these years later.

I really enjoyed being involved in the Gumnut Management Committee and was sad when my youngest finished her last year at Gumnut.
As an Administration Assistant I am excited to be able to offer support to Lyndal and Meredith and continue being a part of such a wonderful community centre.


Monday - Friday
I feel a great sense of self-satisfaction through contributing to our preschool childrens’ health and safety. I am proud of keeping the preschool clean, and providing a healthy, hygienic environment.
50 Wingecarribee St, Bowral NSW 2576
P: 02 4861 1342

Acknowledgement of Country
We would like to acknowledge the Gundungurra People 
who are the traditional custodians of the land on where we play and learn.